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THE DAILY DRINK  Saturday, January 30, 2010

Remember mom saying to drink your eight cups a day? Well, we don’t want to say we told you so, but she was on to something. It may seem common sense that the human body loses water through sweating, but did you know even the simple act of breathing depletes our bodies of this very necessary resource? That’s why it’s important to replenish yourself with water throughout the day, not just at certain times.

The amount of water you need to drink to maintain a healthy body depends on the individual. Considerations like age, how active your lifestyle is, and your overall general health are the real determining factors. Breastfeeding mothers take note, it’s especially important to pay attention to your daily intake—for both proper milk production and your own well-being. Now, go fill up that reusable BPA-free bottle to keep yourself refreshed from the inside out.

[Mayo Clinic]

RESOLUTIONS  Friday, January 15, 2010

Many people use the New Year as a time to start doing things differently. For some, that means taking on a healthier lifestyle and adding more glasses of H20 to their diet. The great thing about that resolution is it can also have a big impact on the environment. Last summer, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report on the side effects of consuming bottled water. In addition to safety concerns on the actual water sources, purification methods and possible leaching of chemicals from the plastic bottles, the GAO determined that 75% of those bottles ended up in landfills rather than recycling bins.

This year change you can believe is easier than you think. Start by filling up a reusable BPA-free bottle before leaving the house to benefit your body and the planet.

[Source: GAO]