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SOURCE OF LIFE  Thursday, October 8, 2009

We all know how important water is, but how often do we stop to take a moment and really think about it. Well, I did just that recently. There’s a fun and informative Test Your Water IQ quiz on this site. I gave it a go, figuring I’d blow it out of the ballpark. Well, guess who scored 56%? It just proves that for as much as we know there’s always more to learn. So if you think you know the answer to whether a tomato or pineapple has more water, or how many gallons of water are really used in a 5 minute shower(a lot is all I’ll say), try the quiz for yourself.

See conservation and appreciation of this natural resource goes beyond packing a reusable bottle, although that’s a great and noteworthy start. Start thinking about your relationship with water and how you consume it. Whether it’s for drinking, cooking or washing, it is a reminder that water is a vital part of our everyday life. Being Italian, I cook a lot of pasta and was quite curious if it’s possible to use less water than the norm for cooking it. Harold McGee wrote an article on this very question earlier this year for the New York Times. Most people only raise a glass with wine to say cheers—next time I’ll do it with pure, clean water and be thankful to have access to it every day.