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Rice. It sounds pretty easy to make reading the package directions. After all, it’s just rice, water and a pinch of salt, right? Well, that all depends on what kind of water you use. Even if you’re local water supply is safe for drinking from the tap, chances are it still has additives in it that can affect the actual taste. Take New York City, for example. It’s often touted as some of the cleanest and safest drinking water—and it is according to the Department of Environmental Protection.

If you live here, though, you’ve undoubtedly noticed times when the water has a chlorinated aroma and flavor. That’s because the water supply is treated with chlorine to protect against contaminants. The Cuisinart CleanWater System filters out 97.5% of chlorine, leaving you with a fresher tasting product. When it comes to dishes that really absorb the flavor of their cooking liquid, like rice, it also means you get the best tasting quality to serve your family.

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