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RESOLUTIONS  Thursday, December 30, 2010

Every year January 1st rolls around, leaving people making vows of sticking to a healthier lifestyle. The problem is life gets busy, and for many falling off a routine is the start of a domino effect. This year try setting more attainable mini-goals, ones you can do in stages that have an overall healthier impact.

Pure water is key to any healthy diet. It helps keep you alert, aids in proper digestion and body function, and is fat-free and calorie-free. Here are some simple ways to add more ounces to your daily routine.

A Good Start— You crave the caffeine jolt in the morning. While your coffee is brewing, use that time to fill up with a glass of ice-cold water. It’ll be refreshing, help wake you a bit and let you start the day ahead of the game.

On the Go— If you haven’t started toting a reusable thermos, now is the time. Not only will you save money, you’ll be able to quench your thirst at a moment’s notice and help the environment with less plastic bottles.

Skip flavored waters which are often loaded with unwanted sugars like sucralose. Instead, add slices of lemon, oranges or apples to your glass of water for a more natural, calorie-free way to help get your daily fill.