Filter Installation

Preparing the Water Filter

1. Remove the filter from its packaging.

NOTE: The filter may contain a small amount of loose carbon dust. It may also appear moist, have a faint smell of plastic or a slight yellowish tint – these are all normal. DO NOT wash filter with soap or water.

2. Place water filter in empty bowl sideways (see image). Pressing it firmly to the bottom of the bowl, and being careful not to pour water directly onto the filter, slowly add enough cold water to fully submerge and cover the filter by at least 1 inch. (You should see bubbles escaping the filter.)

3. Continue to hold filter under water for at least 30 seconds.

4. Release the filter and let it soak at least 15 minutes.

NOTE: While soaking, the filter should be partially submerged and may tilt to one side.

Installing the Prepared Water Filter

1. While the filter is soaking, remove the lid, upper water tank and lower water tank.

2. Remove the filter timer from the lid by flipping the lid over and pressing on the plastic tab.

3. Wash both tanks and plastic lid in mild, soapy water, and rinse. Replace the filter timer.

4. Lift the filter from the bowl and allow water to drain.

NOTE: The filter's loose carbon dust may slightly darken water while soaking.

5. With the Cuisinart® logo facing up, insert the water filter into the upper water tank and push firmly into place.

6. Place the upper tank on a pitcher (or another type of container) and fill with cold tap water. Allow to drain for 5 minutes to flush out any remaining carbon dust, then pour out remaining water.